The Gramy Awards: Now Open for Submissions!

Sun, Apr 23, 2023

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Join us in our quest to celebrate the gramy spirits who channel their unique blend of anger, wit, and humor into positive change. Submissions are now open!

The Gramy Awards: Now Open for Submissions!

The Gramy Awards are excited to announce that we are now open for submissions! We invite all eligible individuals to join us in this celebration of human ingenuity, where anger and wit combine to make a powerful force for positive change.

Before you submit your entry, let us delve into the philosophical intricacies of our submission rules, playfully exploring the essence of the Gramy Awards:

  1. Eligibility: As a budding organization, we have chosen to focus our initial efforts on recognizing the gramy talent within the United States. Although we dream of a future where the Gramy Awards transcend borders, our current eligibility criteria remain exclusive to permanent residents of the USA.

  2. Self-Nomination: The journey of a gramy spirit starts with the acknowledgment of one’s own inner fire. Therefore, participants must self-nominate, as true recognition of one’s gramy nature is a vital component of the transformation process.

  3. Age Requirements: While we have set the age range for participation between 23 and 99 years, we are open to exceptions for well-reasoned cases from 17 to 110 years of age. We believe that individuals outside this range can benefit more from cultivating happiness and positivity, rather than embracing the gramy lifestyle.

  4. Positive Outcomes: The very essence of the Gramy Awards lies in the ability to harness one’s gramy spirit for good. Thus, we only accept nominations that demonstrate gramyness channeled towards achieving positive outcomes. Submissions advocating hatred, violence, non-consensual behavior, or pornography will be promptly dismissed.

  5. Acceptance of Non-Response: In the spirit of nurturing the gramy attitude, participants should be prepared for the possibility of not receiving a response from the Gramy Awards organization. Disappointment can be a valuable lesson in resilience and may, in turn, strengthen one’s gramy spirit.

  6. Submission Deadlines: Gramyness transcends the shackles of time. We accept submissions throughout the year, and there is no fixed timetable for announcing awards. This ongoing celebration allows us to continuously honor the achievements of gramy individuals.

So, unleash your inner gramy spirit and submit your entry today! Let’s join forces to create a world where anger, wit, and humor become powerful catalysts for positive change.